September 2, 2016

Promoting Sports

by admin in Paint

For years the automotive industry has been relying on primers and clear coats from Wörwag for visible carbon parts. Now the Wörwag range also includes a protective coat for sports equipment, which is opening new doors in China.

Beyond the automotive industry, carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in high-quality sports equipment because it is extremely light, stable and attractive. And with surfaces of visible woven carbon fibre, the owner can show off the structural components of the respective device.  Since these types of sporting goods are mainly manufactured in China, Wörwag has recently begun offering a primer for this market.

The Action Composites company, one of the world’s largest suppliers of carbon parts to the automotive industry, approached  Wörwag for a protective coating. The Austrians also produce carbon fibre mirrors for a premium German manufacturer at their plant in Shenzhen, South China. A combination of primer and clear coat protects these parts from UV rays in particular.

The primer, which in this case is transparent, ensures the protective lacquer binds properly with the CFRP. In Europe it is usually a water based adhesive and so called hydroprimer. BMW for example, uses a Wörwag hydroprimer plus clear coat in the production of the of the carbon roof of the electric i3 model in their Leipzig plant.