Equilibrium offers a range of denaturants & flocculants which have been developed for the paint treatment within water wash spray booths. Years of experience and scientific innovation have gone into the creation of these products, which are some of the best available anywhere on the market.

Denaturants and flocculants

Our product range of denaturants & flocculants have been designed and manufacuted to cater to the varied needs of our clients. They’re suitable for the following applications:

No pump booths, through to large automotive body lines
2K. water-based and solvent-based paints, either individually or together
Adhesive overspray
All manner of sludge removal equipment

We currently supply both DETAC AP Denaturants and POLYFLOC AP Flocculants. These are delivered to you ready to use, so no dilution is necessary.


Also known as ‘defoamers’, these are used across a number of different industries to reduce and eliminate the build up of foams in water systems.

The Equilibrium team has developed a range of hydrocarbon, non-silicone based antifoams which are perfect for tackling foam in your re-circulating water systems. These products are perfect for preventing foaming with water-based paint and adhesives, paint booth systems and a number of other applications.

Our Defoamer WBP ranges of antifoams offer a wide choice of foam reducing solutions, and all offer a slightly different profile, allowing you to select the perfect product for your specific needs.


Equilibrium prides itself on the quality of it’s products, service, equipment and safety record. We’ve fostered a number of successful, long-term relationships with our clients, and will always go the extra mile to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

Service – We take our customer service incredibly seriously. It’s one of the most important aspects of the chemical treatment programs that we develop for our customers, and so all of our site visits and requirements to each customer’s specific needs.

Equipment – In order to ensure correct, accurate and cost effective dosing of Equilibrium chemicals, our team is on hand to design, build and even install all manner of chemical dosing systems. Whatever you need and wherever you need it, the Equilibrium team is on hand to make it happen.

Our Partners

We are delighted and honoured to have worked and continue to work with a large variety of partners and clients within our various industry sectors.

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