Equilibrium has been going strong for more than 15 years now, growing to become a well respected leader in the UK chemical industry. In 2014 we branched out into the flexographic plate making industry – this was a logical progression for us, having developed a great ethos and reputation in parallel industries over the years.

We now supply a range of reliable, precision engineered washout solvents, producing each one with a focussed eye on quality.

As always, we are keen to establish and maintain strong partnerships with our clients. We have a number of long term contracts and over 40 years of combined experience within our dedicated flexographics team.

Product Quality & Standards

We wouldn’t have been so successful for so long if we didn’t pay such close attention to product quality and safety standards.

Everything that Equilibrium does and produces is carefully monitored to ensure that it fully complies with all regulations, both contractual and statutory.

We hold a number of accreditations ourselves, including ISO9001:2008 & 14001:2004, and our partners hold three internationally recognised, SGS Certified safety standards – ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Creating and distributing these chemicals is a responsibility that we take incredibly seriously, so we’re very proud of our outstanding safety record.


We pride ourselves on constantly updating our products to make use of the latest, highest quality grades of both hydrocarbons and alcohols. Using top quality components means that you get far better washout and drying times, which surpass anything else on the market.

For example, our primary washout solvent – V-Solve 22 – boasts the fastest processing and drying time achievable. It’s LAM (Laser-Ablated Mask) layer will quickly dissolve entirely, meaning that you pay less in maintenance and end up with a cleaner flexographic processor.

As well as this, using our products will lead to lower absorption by the photopolymer plate and less solvent carried over with the plate in the dryer. This then means lower solvent loss and less odour on the finished plates.


Equilibrium, working with it’s partners, forms a multi-national business network. When all combined and working in unison, we form the largest total solutions, waste management and flexographic specialist company in the UK. Our size and experience means we can offer a highly competitive, bespoke waste solvent recycling service, allowing companies without their own in-house distillation facilities to safely and affordably recycle their solvents.

All of our recycled solvents are fully GC analysed, re-balanced to the correct specification and then blended with virgin solvent. This is our famous Back to Original Guarantee, and part of what makes our recycled solvents so sought after. If our clients do have their own in-house solvent distillation, we can provide them with virgin solvent and a simple method for balancing their recycled solvents themselves.

Full support is always on hand to all of our diverse clients to ensure that the quality and balance of recycled solvents stays high, and that these solvents are used and handled safely in the working environment.

We have you covered from start to finish, and then back to the start again.


Our Partners

We are delighted and honoured to have worked and continue to work with a large variety of partners and clients within our various industry sectors.

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