Equilibrium offers a range of cost effective, environmentally friendly Pre-Treatment products and services for clients throughout the paint industry.

Eco Range

We’re really proud of the Equilibrium Eco Range, which represent the product of years of experimentation and experience from our team. These Neutral Cleaners and Zirconium Phosphates operate at low temperatures, and are kind to the environment, making them ideal for pre-treatment.

Our Eco Range is:

Completely safe for users
Highly environmentally friendly
Based on natural materials
Competitively priced
Ideal for use at low ambient temperatures, to 40ºC
The best in class for performance
Suitable for true, multi-metal use


EcoPhos ZP is a truly unique, single-stage pre-treatment technology, created by the Equilibrium team. It’s been proven to be incredibly environmentally friendly, with the minimum possible environmental impact, and has been designed as the perfect pre-treatment for equipment prior to application of organic coatings, such as:

All types of wet paints
Powder paints of all kinds
Plastic coatings, such as PVC and Polyolefins

The EcoPhos ZP system provides a realistic alternative to older, more traditional pre-treatment technologies, such as aluchrome on aluminium, or zinc phosphate on steel or iron.

Equilibrium’s EcoPhos ZP excels in this three areas:

Thoroughly cleaning the surface of metals being treated
Chemically reacting with the surface to form a protective layer, with which subsequent coatings can strongly bond
Preventing under-paint corrosion if the paint layer is breached by chipping etc.


Simple system to run, easy to control, saves on chemicals and costs.

100% biodegradable,does not bioacumulate and is completely non-toxic. Very, very safe for users and the environment.

Save energy and costs E.g. If running temperatures are reduced from 50ºC to 30ºC then energy consumptions are reduced by more than 70%.

Maximises adhesion of top coats and gives first class under paint corrosion resistance.

Very little sludge generated in use, allowing very long time intervals between tank dumps, up to 3 years can be normal. Big savings in effluent disposal costs. Consumption rates are very low, expect around ¼ consumption if replacing iron phosphate and one tenth consumption if replacing Zinc Phosphate or Aluchrome.

Very simple to run, with no adjustments for PH being required. Control of baths is by a simple titration to check concentration, or a simple conductivity meter.

Gives excellent results on steel, aluminium and Zinc alloys, Aluzinc, Zintec, Galvanised etc.

Gives excellent results over a wide range of operating conditions. Does not need de-ionised water final rinses, and performance is not susceptible to hard water salts.

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